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A Perfect Peace

Our store is now open for online orders and we are adding products to the site daily. Browse our offerings and place an order. Or stop by and see our complete inventory.  

202 South Elm St Waxahachie Texas

Store hours

Mon-Thurs 10am-10pm

Fri-Sat 10am-midnight

Sun. 1pm-9pm

 call us (877-95PEACE)





KAOS Glass / KAOS Water-Pipes



TC Glassworks(limited quantity!)





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Please note that WE CANNOT currently take online orders, because Electronic Merchant Broker (EMB) wasted our last 2 months of planning, pending an application they accepted, to suddenly report that we cannt be applied under their online account providing services... They are a fake-ass card-processing company, DO NOT opt to use them if you ever need card-processing services... They just wanna take your money and/or waste your time. For real... Kinda amazing they get ANY companies that want their help, since they can't even help to start an online-account for a newer business after 2 months. In my opinion (and likely MANY others'), they are useless at what they describe to do. Maybe someday they'll prove me wrong, though I doubt it... They don't give a shit.


We will keep you updated as-to the status of finding a proper online-account provider, until then... We apologize, but we are unable to take any orders for shipping items:( We apologize greatly for the delay. Thanks for listening to my rant!


-APP Management, Jacob


5/29/2014 - O.P.M.S. and Divinity Kratom is now back in stock! Call for details!